Franklin Virtual High School opened in 2009 as an online alternative to traditional high school education. We are located in Tallahassee Florida, with corporate offices in Scottsdale, Arizona.  We are a Fully Accredited school through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools  (SACS).  Our graduates continue on to college and universities, trade schools and technical colleges, government jobs, join the Military.

Our curriculum has been recognized for promoting and maintaining a well-balanced education program, and for meeting, or exceeding, standards considered essential for quality education.  Students may enroll in as few or as many classes as they wish, and may add or drop classes at any time.  

FVHS was designed with the student in mind.  Our courses are available entirely online, including our quizzes, tests, exams, lab work, and study materials.  Our caring and supportive staff are here to assist you throughout your education process to ensure a successful, nurturing and happy experience. Learn More