To start, contact an advisor by calling 888-990-3847, or clicking Live Chat on our home page.

You will need to get your most current, official transcripts from your current/most recent school. You will register for free, then pay $49 dollars to enroll.

Enter your credits in our system by uploading them into your Student Account, or fax/email your transcripts (fax#850-270-6770 , email:

We will have a teacher review your transcripts and accept, or request information about, your credits. We will apply your earned credits to our graduation requirements, and create a Graduation Plan for you that includes the courses you still need to complete.

You will then need to make your first payment for access to you Classroom and classes.

You will need to complete 24 credits, a 2.0 GPA, and have your SAT/ACT completed (passing grade) as your exit exam with us.

For more information, check out our Traditional High School Programs and Graduation Requirements/Curriculum here: