Transcript Request

FVHS now uses to send and receive official transcript documents. To request an official transcript for yourself, or to be sent to a high school, college, or employer, please visit 


Step by Step DIRECTIONS:
1. Go to

2. In the upper right of the screen, click on Sign Up

3. Enter your personal information - PLEASE spell your name correctly and input the correct date for your birthday. This information *must* match the spelling and birthdate that is in your FVHS Student Account and on your FVHS transcript.


Note:If your name has changed, put your current name (you will have the option to add a maiden name or variation to help match the credential you are ordering in Step # 7)


4.There are is a Yes and No option for grants and colleges to find you. Choose No, as these are basically just tons of advertisements that will force you to fill out one form after another, and you'll never get back to the page where you can order your official transcript.


5. Complete Registration.  This should now take you to your Parchment account. Do NOT complete the Profile questions, it isn't necessary.

6. Below your name, you will see in Blue "Start by adding a school or organization you attended," click on this. Then, search and select FVHS, our name should come up under "Franklin Virtual Schools," in Tallahassee, Fl. Click "add" to add it to your Parchment profile/account.

7. Choose your enrollment status, and fill out the rest of the information. (Earliest Year and Expected Graduation, again, do not affect your order). The click Consent and Request at the very bottom of the page.


8. You should be taken back to your Parchment account, and FVHS will now be an option for you to order from (see the big blue button that says "Order").


9. Before selecting a destination for your transcript, check in the search bar for your employer or school.  If they do not show up, don't worry, just change the destination option from "An Academic Organization, Admissions Office, Business, or Other Organization" to "Yourself or Another Individual." This will allow you to input the mailing address or email address manually. 


10. Complete your order.


To learn more about Parchment visit their Help Center. 
Parchment Help Center


What is Parchment?
Parchment is a 3rd party system designed to make it easy to securely send official school documents between participating institutions.


Why does FVHS use it?

Parchment is secure, fast and easy to use. Most requests are handled within hours instead of days and there is no chance of misdirected faxes or emails.


How much does it cost?

For you, FREE! Actually, it depends on the receiving institution. If they are a parchment member, it will cost you nothing to send your transcript. If the institution is not a member of parchment, you may have to pay a few dollars for printing and mailing service. See for more information.


Click here to order your transcripts from